About Us

Get to know a little more about us and how we deliver the best medical transportation services in Sacramento and Stockton.

Who We Are

Essential Plus Transportation was a vision and dream of the late Tolu Ogunmakin, who founded this company in 2009.  Tolu always shared wisdom with which he was taught and believed that this company should be a family, where everyone can depend on one another for support and strength. With that precedent, this company has followed that premise and aspires to be more than just a company but also a home and family.

We currently work together with Alta California Regional Center in transporting consumers to their work, school and daycare programs. We are also open for business in the San Joaquin area for medical or non-medical transportation.

Why Choose Us

We Care About Your Safety!

We make sure to perform regular preventative maintenance to keeps our vehicles and other types of equipment in the best operating condition. To better secure our passengers and ambulatory clients, our vans are equipped with grab handles and bus like steps to guarantee safe entry in and exit out of the van. Our vans are also equipped with seat belts to ensure that our clients who are wheelchair bound are secured at all times. Our drivers make sure that the belts are fastened to the van floor with tie-down straps to secure wheelchairs at four separate points. We follow all of the rules Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is in great compliance. To top it off, we have reviewers who perform many random inspections to guarantee that our drivers are supporting the essential safety standards we have.

Time is very important and we value yours!

At Essential Plus Transportation INC. we believe Time is essential to everyone, this is why it is one of our main focus. We understand that each of our clients, as well as their caregiver or nursing aide, are working on a timely schedule to get to and from physicians offices or other businesses who are also on a time schedule. This is why being on time is important, especially the fact that we are in the transportation industry. Our on-time drivers always make our clients happy.


We care about your comfort and well-being!

Essential Plus Transportation Inc. serves all our passengers and their loved ones or caregiver with care and kindness. No two passengers are the same nor do they have the same exact circumstances. This is why we aim to provide great comfort and a unique experience for each and every passenger. Our vans are equipped with A/C, heat, and extra capacity for our passengers which allows them to bring a loved one, caregiver, or even a friend. The outstanding interiors give our passengers and guests the best comfort while getting in and out or to and from the seats.

Doris Akwukwaegbu -Ogunmakin

President and CEO 

Doris , is the wife of the late Tolu Ogunmakin, and has served as President and CEO of Essential Plus since 2018. She oversees all expenditures as well as the business growth and expansion.  Doris has a Bachelors in Microbiology and a Masters in Healthcare Administration.  In addition to her duties with Essential Plus, she is raising her son Gabriel.

Justin H Forester

 General Manager

Justin has worked for Essential Plus Transportation since 2013. He oversees all the operations of the business- payroll, human resources, routing, logistics, correspondence as well as hiring and termination.  Justin has a Bachelors in Theology and a Masters in Divinity.  In addition to managing Essential Plus, Justin is married and is a father of two daughters. He is also Senior Pastor of 431 Global Ministries and finds very little free time.

David Akwukwaegbu

Fleet Manager

David has worked for Essential Plus since 2018. David oversees the fleet including purchasing, selling and maintenance of all vehicles. He oversees all scheduling changes regarding employees. He oversees all the tracking fleet system.  David has a Bachelors in Bio-Medical Engineering  and certification in Leadership Training.  In addition to his duties with Essential Plus, David is married and has a small business. 

What we do

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

We currently transport consumers from the Alta California Regional Center  to their work, school and daycare programs. We are also open for business in the San Joaquin area  rendering non-emergency transport services for our passengers.  Every driver employed by Essential Plus Transportation Inc. is required to obtain a First Aid and CPR certifications. We provide transportation for passengers who do not require medical attention during transport.  We will transport you from basically anywhere the transportation needed. We transport to doctor’s appointment, dialysis, treatments, other appointments, home, etc.